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Joe Brezden Wins Prestigious Stuart Smith Award

Joe Brezden Wins Prestigious Stuart Smith Award

March 28, 2019

On February 20th, Joe Brezden received the coveted Stuart Smith Award, the most prestigious award in the Lincoln Financial Community.

In 1947, Smith formulated the philosophy of ‘Serve First’. A philosophy that dictated “we approach our clients with all the human understanding possible, with only one desire, the desire to do the best job without the thought of pay; that we can do. At a time when everyone seems to be looking out for themselves and focusing on their own personal gain, it’s more important than ever to be committed to a philosophy that puts service first, last and always.”

This philosophy has become the standard to which all advisors aspire and no one embodies this philosophy better than Joe Brezden.

Joe has spent over 35 years assisting his clients in the areas of Business Owner/Exit Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Investment Planning. This award recognizes Joe as a “well-rounded planner” who is community-minded, open to learning, gives back to fellow planners, leads a balanced life between professional and personal commitments, and epitomizes the Lincoln core values and philosophy.