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Business Owner Planning

Ask yourself:

What would happen to your business if you were unable to show up to work tomorrow? Would it be able to go on? How would your family and your employees be impacted?

If you have partners, would you be in business with their spouse if your partner were to unexpectedly pass away?

Do you plan to keep the business for your family or sell it at some point?

How much money do you need to realize from the exit of your business to confidently maintain your standard of living?

Have your existing advisors discussed exit planning and your preferred timing, valuation, and strategies to enable this to happen successfully? Or have they been silent?

As a business owner, your single largest asset is most likely your business. BWA has been helping families and individuals protect their businesses and ensure the future of their legacy for over 30 years. Our goal is to help you grow, protect, and (when the time comes) transfer your business. In addition, we work with you to retain and reward key employees and protect the viability of your business against unforeseen events.

The value path process (illustrated above) is designed to maximize the value of your business and help you transfer that value, ultimately, to your personal balance sheet, your family, or to whomever you want to transfer it to.

Have questions on the value path and where you are in the process? Feel free to contact us.

Ready to take the Business Exit Readiness Survey (BERI) or the Owner Dependence Index (ODI)? Click on the link.

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