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Investment Planning

Client Name: Kyle


Investable Assets: $2,600,000

Kyle works in outside sales for a software company. He is a terrific sales person and has received stock option grants throughout his career. Kyle is 48 years old and is still in the wealth accumulation phase of his life; retirement is more than 15 years away. One of his concerns is that he does not have a working understanding of his various investment and retirement accounts, which are held at a variety of institutions. Kyle does not know what his overall rate of return is for any given year and is nervous his investments might not be earning the rate of return needed to achieve his retirement goals over the next 15+ years.

Challenges: Lack of coordination. Most clients have opened up accounts at different institutions during their career with different advisors, resulting in a lack of coordination. This typically leads to financial underperformance, duplication, and the client taking on unnecessary risk, while not knowing if they are on-track to achieve their accumulation goals.

The Brezden Solution: In the context of a comprehensive financial plan, BWA first learned Kyle’s tolerance for investment risk and then educated him on time tested investment principles. Next, the accounts were consolidated and professionally managed on a single platform by BWA which allowed for one online login and one statement for Kyle. Although the investment accounts were now on a single platform, Kyle still had access to a diverse lineup of hundreds of different money managers. Given Kyle’s financial goals and fact pattern, the appropriate mix of investment managers, stocks, bonds and alternatives were placed in his accounts and he understood why he was invested the way he was. The result was peace of mind and clarity for Kyle, and his investments were now manageable and efficiently positioned to meet his long-term goals.