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Retirement Planning

Client Name: Darren and Kathy

Married Couple

Salary: $650,000

Investable Assets: $3,400,000

Darren is an attorney. He is married with two children, one in high school and one out of college. Darren makes $650,000 per year and has assets in his 401k plan and brokerage account. He also owns a rental property that provides some supplemental income.

Challenges: Darren knows he is doing well, but he is unsure of when he can retire and how it is going to work. He is worried about the high-cost of aging and whether he will potentially outlive his retirement income.

The Brezden Solution: BWA built various models for Darren based on his estimated retirement age, rate of return, and inflation to ensure the highest probability of success. Working with Darren, BWA stress-tested his retirement objectives against several scenarios to maximize the probability of success and to provide Darren with a solid game plan for his retirement.